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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Two ‘dangerous proposals’ for Korean baseball

If it’s dangerous, I want to make a risky proposal. It may not be easy because you have to break the existing frame. Still, it’s something you can do. I saw the limit through the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). To get better, you have to change.

In this 2023 WBC, Korea belonged to Group B in the first round. Tied with Japan, Australia, Czech Republic and China. Group B was evaluated as the weakest. It was different when I opened the lid. Failed to pass the preliminary round. Eliminated in 1st round of 3 competitions in a row. It was caught in Australia, and it was confirmed that the gap with Japan has grown immeasurably. However, Korean baseball has the power to do better. At least it’s not a country that can’t play baseball to this extent.

Ahead of this tournament, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) did its best. I actively moved for Korean players to participate, and I also put effort into group formation. Flight business class, lodging at the best hotel, Korean food for every meal, tablet PC for power analysis per person, accident insurance in case of injury, and even a huge reward. The players just had to do well. The result is ‘exploitation’, so it is dorumuk.

◇ During the period of inactivity,
the batters played their part in case of ‘temporary release’. He ranked first in team batting average (0.336) and first in OPS (0.967). Excluding the 22 points against China, it was good with 7 points against Australia and 4 points against Japan. Mexico (5 points) and Korea were the only teams that scored more than 4 points against Japan in this tournament. In the end, the problem is the pitcher. 8 runs against Australia and 13 runs against Japan speak for themselves. They completely collapsed in the two most important matches.

‘conditioning failure’ is the first thing that comes to mind. If you look at the national team schedule, the order is USA→Korea→Osaka, Japan→Tokyo, Japan. Long-distance travel inevitably affects a player’s condition. In addition, many players went to Japan and the United States from January for personal training. A lot of time spent in heaven.

At the WBC, which will be held in three years, how about gathering earlier and training together for a longer period of time? You cannot ignore your team’s spring camp. However, if ‘restoration of honor’ is important, it is necessary to try once, even temporarily. I don’t know what the groupings for the next tournament will be, but I won’t go to the Americas from the start. It can’t be bad to gather in nearby Japan or Taiwan and build a body without moving.

It is also a way to get together in January. Not a few players spend their own money to go abroad early. What if it was not individual training, but a national team call? It can also be a cause. It also has the advantage of being able to make the body more systematically. Of course, for this to be possible, the agreement of the Athletes Association is required. It does not mean to return to the past, but to adjust ‘temporarily’.

In the case of Japan, the opening of exhibition games is earlier than the KBO league. Therefore, the concept of building a body during inactive periods is slightly different from ours. Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “Japanese players throw 100% right away when they start camp on the 1st. I want our players to feel it.” The WBC national team was also convened on February 17th. later than us It means that it was well made. In addition, since the competition is held in their home country, it is not difficult to travel.

◇Pro only problem? If Amah lives,
the bigger problem is Amah. There are quite a few coaches who sigh, saying, “We have to teach from the basics again,” even though they were chosen as the best players in high school. Anyway, the target of comparison is Japan. They say ‘the infrastructure is different’ and ‘the base is different’. But you can’t be complacent any longer. I don’t know if I can’t play baseball at all, but I need to find a way to develop.

Japan has thousands of high school baseball teams, but not all of them are elite. An official in Japan explained, “High schools that are called prestigious even in Japan have more than 50 teams and no more than 100 teams.” There are 95 high school baseball teams in Korea. If it’s an aspect of ‘elite baseball’, it’s not to the extent that you can’t follow it very much. This is the reason why it was able to fight on an equal footing with Japan in the past.

The difference was confirmed through this WBC. You have to look at the gap between the pros as well as the amas. The best way to do this would be friendly matches and evaluation matches, but it’s not easy. The next best thing is ‘leader training’. America is good, but how about going to Japan?

At some point, everyone only talks about the major leagues. It is true that the United States is the most advanced baseball country. Instead, the physical condition is different. Direct application is dangerous. Rather, in the case of Japan, it is evaluated that the new baseball of the United States is well grafted on their own know-how. Currently, prestigious high schools in Japan are also sharing pro training methods. As a professional player, I know the ‘how’ to throw and hit well, and I am training. It’s time for us to follow.

Japan’s cooperation and cost issues remain, and the KBO should contribute to this. Wouldn’t it be better to support the training in connection with the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA)? “We will establish mid- to long-term measures,”스포츠토토 he said. The most necessary thing to improve the performance of the KBO League and the national team may be the growth of baseball.

Although the worst result came out in the WBC, pitchers who exceeded 150 km per hour in high school began to appear one after another. Kim Seo-hyun and Moon Dong-ju are typical examples. In the era of the ‘restraint revolution’, Korean baseball is also keeping pace to some extent. But it’s time to speed up. Pitchers who throw 150 km per hour on the ‘average’ are ‘wide’ all over the world, including Japan. As it is, it will only be relatively behind.

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