Monday, 29th May 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


‘Two Woods, Par 5 Two On’, Super Rookie Room 1R 4 Under Par Co-Leader

Super Rookie’ Bang Shin-sil, who is attracting attention as a big star to lead the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) with a ‘super long hit’ that exceeds 300 yards, jumped into the competition for the championship once again by tying for the lead with 4 under par on the first day.

Bang Sin-sil tied 5 buddies and 1 bogey in the first round of the ’11th E1 Charity Open’ (total prize money 900 million won ¤ championship prize 162 million won) held at Seongmunan CC (par 72) in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do on the 26th to win 4 He shot an under par 68. He was tied for the lead with Ji Hansol and Kim Min-sun 7.스포츠토토

After catching a birdie in holes 2 (par 4) and 9 (par 5) and reducing 2 strokes in the first half, I lost the number of strokes by bogey in hole 10 (par 4), but 12 (par 3) and 14 ( Par 4) I added a birdie again in the hole. In the 16th hole (par 5), he reduced one more stroke and finished the game with 4 under par first.

Hitting a long shot, which is rare for a female player, she sent a driver tee shot for 293.3 yards on the 1st (par 4) hole and 148.2 yards with a pitching wedge on the par 3 12th hole to catch a birdie. In the 13th (par 4) hole, where most other players catch the driver, he sent a 279.8 yard drive distance, which is the driver distance of quite a few players.

The highlight was the par 5 16th hole. Despite being a 545-yard par 5, he hit his tee shot for 283.9 yards with the 3-wood, and then hit his second shot with the same wood, sending it for 245.1 yards and succeeding in a two-on. Eagle unfortunately missed the hole cup and 16.6 yards, but he managed to catch a birdie and showed the power of a long hitter.

National team senior Choi Hye-jin (2 under par), whom I played with in the same group, said, “I heard rumors that he was a long hitter, but he not only travels a lot, but also has a very good short game and putting.” It was commendable.

Despite the limited number of appearances due to being a ‘conditional seed’ this season after ranking 40th in last year’s seed match, Bang Shin-sil has won two wins in the previous four tournaments this season, including the KLPGA Championship (4th) and the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship (3rd). Ina competed for the championship and placed in the top 5.

Bang Sin-sil, who said, “It was a good experience to learn a lot by playing with Hye-jin unnie,” said Bang Shin-sil, who expressed his gratitude with a shy smile when he conveyed the senior’s praise, saying, “I have a cold, so I had a hard day because I was not in good shape before the game today. I thought it would work, but fortunately, the feel of the shot was good and the putt fell well, leading to good results.” She added, “I deliberately hit a tee shot with a wood rather than a driver on the 16th hole because the fairway was narrow.”

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