Monday, 29th May 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Why is it the junior players’ share of scolding? Let’s start with systematic leader development

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics (winner) and the 2009 WBC (World Baseball Classic, runner-up), the national team has not been able to post significant results in world competitions.

There was great interest and anticipation for the 2023 WBC held after the corona pandemic. However, the result was disqualification in the play below expectations.

expected result. The baseball world has been complacent since the 2008 Olympic gold medal. Some clubs have disbanded their training teams. They are not investing for the future while recruiting high-priced players compared to their skills for the sake of good results.

The scientificization of baseball takes a back seat. There is no mid- to long-term development or education program. This is the reality of baseball.

The situation is like this, but the players are the only ones to blame. Adults pass on their faults to the players and are only busy avoiding responsibility.

A reality where there are no adults who say, “I’m sorry for making you exercise in this environment.” I feel sorry for the players.

The root of the problem is the lack of maps. There was no proper map, and the direction was wrong.

Some adults only run teams as a way to make money. I want to ask if the youth are being nurtured with sincerity. Even now, wrong practices and systems must be changed.

Baseball experience and knowledge are separate issues.

You should be able to build up the knowledge to lead baseball and lead based on scientific evidence. It should provide understandable solutions based on scientific analysis and epidemiological principles. Only then can trust be built through continuous communication.

Interpretation for accurate utilization of body data is also very important.

It is true that leaders who have the level to apply data to the field are rare.

Biomechanics presents an efficient training method that is different for each player based on body information through motion analysis. It can prevent injuries and improve performance. It is not something that can be achieved overnight. In fact, it took 60 years for the major leagues to apply biomechanics to the field.

In this respect, the systematic training of knowledgeable leaders is desperately needed and urgent.

Most of them become leaders immediately after retirement.

Many leaders join the leadership path after elementary school, disconnected from knowledge.

There is no coaching qualification. Prior to 2015, coaches could acquire certification without any verification if they had more than 3 years of coaching experience. Current qualifications are also exempted from the test in the order of athlete career and national team career, depending on the level.

Rival ball game football carries out refresher education every year through 14 different levels (with experience benefits) of leadership qualifications and 11 programs depending on the level. However, baseball only requires a second-class baseball instructor license required by the Office of Education. No training after that.

In order to nurture good players, it is necessary to nurture leaders.

Developing good leaders takes a long time. We need to get away from academic ties and delays and join forces to establish a system for fostering leaders equipped with scientific knowledge.

To say that baseball is in crisis is just an empty echo.

You have to practice and work hard for change.스포츠토토 This is not the time to make excuses and pass the blame on.

<Researcher at the Department of Biomechanics, Kookmin University, Director of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, Member of the Performance Improvement Committee, and former member of the KBO Promotion Committee>

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