Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Yang Eui-ji, as Choi Won-joon says… “I can see why he is recognized as the best catcher”

“I’m relying on my older brother.”

Choi Won-joon (29, Doosan Bears), who won his first victory in his 7th appearance, said with a smile. I gave the ball to Yang Eui-ji (36), a senior catcher who was in sync with the battery. 
Choi Won-jun started in an away game against Kiwoom Heroes held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 16th and pitched well with 5 hits and 1 run in 6 innings. He led Doosan’s 4-1 victory and became the winning pitcher. 

After the game, Choi Won-joon said, “I realized once again how precious one win is.” He is the representative pitcher of Doosan’s domestic starting lineup, which has won 30 wins in the last three seasons (2020-2022). He has had no success this season. He made four quality starts (6 or more innings and 3 earned runs or less) in the previous 6 games, but did not win a single game. 

Choi Won-joon was shaken for a moment. I was sorry that his teammates were conscious of his bad luck rather than his individual performance. Yang Eui-ji helped Choi Won-joon on and off the field. 

Choi Won-jun said, “I had a lot of thoughts on the mound. It’s not like that originally. However, ahead of the last game (against the Lotte Giants on the 10th), Eui-ji (Yang) advised me, “Throw with confidence, as worrying won’t change anything.” After that, he seems to have emptied his thoughts and stood on the mound.” 

It is said that Eui-ji Yang wore a different color mitt in the game Won-joon Choi took the mound. Choi Won-joon had no success in the previous appearances, so he tried to give a different energy with minor changes. It’s kind of a jinx. Choi Won-joon said, “I was comforted because Eui-hyung bought me a lot of food before and encouraged me that it would work out if I won the first time. He looked back and said, “Thank you for all the consideration.” 

Choi Won-joon joined Doosan as the first nomination in 2017 and debuted on the first team stage in July 2018. He only played four games with Eui-ji Yang, who was the main catcher for Doosan at the time. 

In the meantime, Choi Won-joon became the representative pitcher of the Doosan starting lineup. Yang Eui-ji played for NC Dinos for the past four years (2019-2022) and returned to Doosan, his home team ahead of this season. 

I realize the influence of Yang Eui-ji, who did not know Choi Won-joon well at the beginning of his debut. Choi Won-jun said, “Until last year, I studied a lot to find the pitcher’s weakness. Now, Ji-hyung is aware of all hitters, so that burden is relieved,” he laughed. He then said, “Since I leave the ball distribution to the catcher’s lead, I think I can digest more innings (than last season) and manage the number of pitches better.” 

It is said that when Doosan fell into a losing streak from the end of April and the atmosphere subsided, Yang Eui-ji brought together middle and senior players and prepared a table for a meal and led unity. Choi Won-jun said, “Even if the pitcher’s pitching isn’t good, Ji-ji blames himself. Hyung really thinks about the team a lot. I think I know why he is the best catcher,” he raised his thumb again.

Choi Won-joon,스포츠토토 who received the strong support of the best catcher in active service and cut off bad luck. The starting lineup for Doosan is also expected to become more solid. 

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