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“You can’t get caught by the boss”… A fan wearing sunglasses on a blanket and going to a concert

The story of a fan wearing a blanket at the concert of pop star Taylor Swift is a hot topic. This fan took sick leave to go to the concert, and even wore a blanket and sunglasses for fear of being caught on camera. According to foreign media such as the British Daily Mail on the 2nd (local time), on the 30th of last month먹튀검증, Taylor’s 6th tour ‘ The Eras Tour ‘ was held

at the Payco Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Among them, performance goods were sold at the stadium from the night of the 29th prior to the first performance, and thousands of fans lined up to buy the goods.

Among the numerous fans waiting to buy goods, one fan wearing sunglasses with a blanket over his head caught attention. Mr. A, who drew many people’s attention with his unique appearance, conducted an interview with WKRC-TV, a local US broadcasting station.

Mr. A said, “I took sick leave to come to the concert,” and “I was afraid that my boss would find out if I was caught on camera, so I covered myself with a blanket.” “I’ve been driving quite a distance since I came here from Louisville. I came from around 2:45 in the morning,” said

Mr. A. When asked, “What does Taylor Swift mean to you?” “I almost named my daughter Taylor,” he said, revealing his fanaticism for Taylor. Then, Mr. A said, “This is the first time I’m going to a concert with my 11-year-old daughter.” I went to an open concert, so this show is almost for my daughter,” he added.

In addition, when asked why he was waiting at the concert hall the day before the performance, Mr. A replied, “I came to buy concert goods such as a $40 tank top and hooded jacket.”

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is expected to earn more than $1.3 billion (approximately 1.7 trillion won) from ‘The Eras Tour’, which started in March. Taylor, who has a total of 106 performances by next year, has made a profit of 300 million dollars (approximately 400 billion won) from only the latest 22 performances. It is known that there is still no singer who has earned more than $1 billion (about 1.3 trillion won) from a concert tour.

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